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20 JULY / 31 JULY


The percussion course will be held exclusively in-person, in Siena.

Due to the current global health emergency, a space will be provided which allows for social distancing protocols to be maintained during the lessons, according to government recommendations.

The Course is open to percussion soloists and ensembles (not to exceed a quartet).

The chosen pieces must be indicated in advance on the Application Form. The following instruments will be made available by the Accademia Chigiana for use during lessons and concerts.

– marimba 5 octaves
– marimba 4 ottave 1/3
– vibraphone
– 4 timpani
– 2 pairs of bongos
– 2 tam tam
– 6 suspended cymbals
– 1 djembe
– 1 Sabar
– pedal bass drum
– side drum
– 1 symphonic bass drum
– wood blocks
– 2 octaves crotali
– 6 tom tom
– 2 congas
– 2 tambourine
– 2 triangles

The repertoire listed below is expected to be performed within two concerts in Siena – if governmental provisions permit – in July, within the artistic programming of the Accademia.


The entrance examination must be submitted online via video recording only. Candidates must submit the following material:

Percussion soloists: a programme of their own choosing, about 20 minutes long, including important 20th-century works for solo percussion;

Percussion ensemble (not to exceed a quartet): a programme of their own choosing, about 20 minutes long, including important 20th-century works for percussion ensemble.


The Course will consist of daily lessons divided into two parts, one dedicated to instrumental techniques of 20th-century percussion instrument literature, and the other dedicated to the study of the following pieces:

John Cage
Third Construction for four percussionists

Quartet for percussion quartet, no instruments specified
Credo in Us for percussion quartet (including piano and radio or phonograph)
Cartridge music for amplified small sound; also amplified piano or cymbal; any number of players and loudspeakers; parts to be prepared from score by performers
Child of tree for solo percussion using amplified plant materials
Inlets for 3 players of water-filled conch shells and one conch-player using circular breathing and the sound of fire
Three2 for three percussion

Giorgio Battistelli
Marx Lenin e Mao Tse Tung for three percussionists

Orazi e Curiazi for two performers
Psychopompos for six percussionists
Anima for one percussionist
Trama for one percussionist 

Francesco Filidei
I funerali (NN) for six performers

Opera forse per for six percussionists

Philip Glass
Two pages version for four percussionists

Toru Takemitsu
Rain tree for three percussionists player

Mauro Cardi
Miroir for six percussionists on two marimbas

Alessandro Solbiati
Yang per timpani soli

Poem per un percussionista

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