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Founded in 1932 and nestled in an environment full of art, history, and an inspiring landscape, the traditional Summer Academy offers young musicians the opportunity for intensive study and performance under the guidance of internationally acclaimed faculty artists.

Application must be made exclusively online here starting on 15th January 2020.



Students attending the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, divided into active students and auditors, are subject to the following regulations:

Active students

Candidates admitted as active students will be those who, meeting the requirements indicated below, successfully pass the relevant entrance exam.
Eligibile for enrolment as active students are :

  • Italian candidates who hold a diploma (old system) or a second-level academic diploma (new system);
  • Foreign candidates who hold equivalent certificates.

Exceptions may be made to these qualification requirements in the case of the following courses: Voice, Guitar and Chamber Music, Guitar and new music for guitar, Composition, Choral Conducting, Orchestral Conducting, and Percussions; and in the case of the following seminars: Five Centuries of Guitar, Cross-Cultural Music, Live Electronics, Oboe, and “New Sounds.” Applicants are required to submit a curriculum of their completed studies along with their application.

All applicants—with the exception of those for the Tabula Rasa seminar, which does not require an entrance exam—may decide to take the entrance exam according to one of the following options:

  • by video audition online at no later than 31 March (only for the seminars in Oboe and Cross-Cultural Music, the deadline will be 31 May);
  • by in-person audition at the Accademia Chigiana held on the first day of each course or seminar.

Active students are required to attend all Course lessons for the full time allocated. The official course schedule will be announced immediately following the entrance exams.

Student attendance shall be documented according to the incontestable judgment of the instructor.

Exceptions may be allowed only to students attending the String Quartet and/or Chamber Music courses through requests made to the respective instructors.

Documents required for enrolment are:

  • diplomas or certificates of musical studies;
  • personal identification card showing date of birth;
  • detailed curriculum vitae;
  • programs of concerts held in the past (necessary only for applicants in Ensemble Music and Orchestral Conducting).

Students enrolled in previous years are not required to present the above-mentioned documents. However, students in the Orchestral Conducting course are required to present the above-mentioned documents each year.

Application must be made exclusively online here: OnLine Enrollment” starting on 15th January 2020.

For clarifications or further information, please contact the Student Office (

Should any difficulties arise in online application, applicants who have received permission from the Student Office may complete this Application Form  and send it to:

Segreteria Allievi dell’Accademia Musicale Chigiana

Via di Città, 89 – 53100 Siena (Italia)

Application Forms, which may be found on page… or on the website, must be sent along with the documents indicated above,  with the Italian Fiscal Code Request form (necessary only for applicants who do not already hold such a code), and with payment of the Application-Exam Fee which must be received by the Accademia Chigiana no later than the following dates:

  • 31 March, for applicants with a video audition (instrumentalists, singers and choral conductors only)
  • 15 May, for the Orchestral Conducting course;
  • 31 May, for the Composition course, the Live Electronics seminar, and for applications with video audition for the seminars in Cross-Cultural Music and Oboe;
  • 10 June, for all other courses with an in-person audition in Siena.

Applications will not be accepted by e-mail.

Applications shall be annulled if payment of enrolment/exam fees is not received.

Attendance as an active student in the same course for more than four years will not be permitted, except by request of the instructor to the Artistic Director of the Academy.

Attendance in more than two simultaneous courses or seminars is not permitted.

Age limits apply to active students, as indicated in the paragraph describing each course or seminar. The age limit is applicable to the first year of attendance (i.e., it may be exceeded for up to three years of consecutive course attendance). For groups that can demonstrate that they have been together for more than three years, there is the possibility of a limited exception to the age limit, provided that the average age of the group is less than 35.

Aplicants must, therefore, attach to their application form a photocopy of a document indicating their date of birth. In the absence of such documentation, the application will not be considered.

On the Application Form, applicants must indicate:

  • the pieces they intend to play for the entrance examination;
  • the pieces that they intend to study during the course;
  • for the Voice course, their vocal range;
  • for Ensemble courses, their instrument (in the case of already established groups, the surname and instrument of each member must be listed).

Applicants must also personally provide all the scores for the pieces they have listed.

Members of ensembles must further bring all the scores for all instruments within the makeup of their group.

Candidates who have not passed the entrance examination may attend the course as auditors after the proper administrative procedures have been taken care of at the Student Office.

Active students who, in the eyes of their respective instructors and of the Artistic Director of the Accademia Chigiana, are deemed to have earned distinction during their courses, shall have the opportunity to be included in the Concert Season calendar of the  Accademia Musicale Chigiana.

No particular qualifications are necessary for registration; only the Application Form (see page …) is required, by completing the Application online or by sending in the enrolment form (there is no deadline for its presentation), together with payment of the auditing fee in euros.N.B. Entrance to the Academy premises is allowed only upon presentation of a special ID card issued by the Secretariat.

Students must therefore provide a photograph.

Courses shall be activated or not in accordance with the incontestable judgment of the Academy.


Entrance examinations for the courses and seminars may be undertaken by uploading a video via internet at the site along with the online application no later than 31 March. (For the Oboe and the Cross-Cultural Music seminars only, applications will be accepted until May 31st.)

The Accademia Chigiana will notify candidates of the outcome of the admissions process starting on 15 May.

Should anyone apply after 31 March, and should placement positions still be available for full participants, it will be possible to sit the entrance examination in-person at the Accademia Chigiana during the days indicated within the individual course descriptions below.

Each candidate must comply with the established examination programme and, in the case of an examination to be held at the Accademia Chigiana, must personally provide the music to be performed.

The only students exempted from the entrance examination, along with participants in the Tabula Rasa seminar, are active students who have already been accepted for solo instrument courses and who also wish to attend Ensemble music courses accepting single instrumentalists.

Auditors are not allowed to sit in on entrance examinations.


This fee must be sent to the Secretary’s Office of the Academy together with the application. Proof of payment must be attached to the online Application Form, showing the details of the payment made by postal money order or by bank transfer to the account number 14822.16 made out to the

Fondazione Accademia Musicale Chigiana
(c/c n. 14822.16 of the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena,
Banchi di Sopra, 84
IBAN IT 82 C 01030 14200 000001482216
on which the student must write his/her name and the Course or Seminar to which he/she is applying.

Alternatively, payment may be made on the Chigiana Academy website  using Paypal, stating the reason for payment and writing in the email address

Altro Importo: EUR


The Application and Exam Fee is non-refundable. 

Attendance Fee – ACTIVE STUDENTS

This fee must be paid prior to the beginning of the lessons. It is to be paid in its entirety and cannot be refunded if the candidate stops attendance on his/her own initiative.

Should a scholarship be awarded later, the previously paid fee will be refunded in proportion.


Attendance Fee – AUDITORS

This fee allows auditors to attend lessons in the chosen course or seminar, and may be reduced for limited attendance periods. However, it cannot be refunded if the student interrupts attendance on his/her own initiative.

Those wishing to attend lessons occasionally may purchase one-day tickets.

The sale of entrance tickets is, however, subject to the capacity of the classrooms. The Administration reserves the right to suspend the sale of tickets without notice should the number of visitors interfere with lessons or pose a security risk.

Reductions in the attendance fee for active students
The following (noncumulative) reductions may be allowed:

–   60% for attendance of a second course (*);

45% for members of ensembles who can demonstrate concert activity covering a period of at least one year (by submitting programmess of past concerts);


* A “second course” is to be understood as one taken together with the first course. With the sole exception of the Orchestral Conducting course, the reduction will be applied to the discipline that starts second.

Exemptions from fees may be granted in the following cases:


Application and examination fee

– for active students of solo instrument courses who also wish to attend Ensemble Music courses accepting single instrumentalists;
– for active students of courses or seminars in the same instrument or subject held by different instructors, the payment of only one application and examination fee is required;

– for students of the Rinaldo Franci Superior Institute of Musical Studies and of Siena Jazz specifically selected as per agreement.


Attendance fee (active students)

– for active students of solo instrument courses

who also wish to attend Ensemble Music courses accepting single instrumentalists;
– for students indicated by Chigiana instructors as recipients of fee waivers;

See  Fee Waivers and Scholarships

– to students of the Rinaldo Franci Superior Institute of Musical Studies and Siena Jazz accepted as full participants, as per agreement.


An attendance fee reduction of 50% is provided to students coming from the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation.



Attendance Fee (auditors)

– to a limited number of students of the Rinaldo Franci Superior Institute of Musical Studies, Siena Jazz, and the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation, as per agreement.



Application and examination fee
must be sent at the same time as application.

Orchestral Conducting Course

€ 28 for evaluation of qualifications

€ 68 application and examination fee

All other Courses and Seminars: € 48



Attendance fees


Active students




Voice 375 185
Guitar and chamber music 265 130
Guitar and new guitar music 220 110
Clarinet 265 130
Composition 240 120
Double Bass 265 130
Choral Conducting 265 130
Orchestral Conducting * 480 240
Flute 265 130
Percussion instruments 375 190
Piano 330 165
String Quartet and chamber music for strings and piano 285 145
Viola 265 130
Viola and chamber music 265 130

(Boris Belkin)

(Salvatore Accardo)








(Antonio Meneses)

(David Geringas)







Five Centuries of Guitar 130 65
Cross-cultural music 130 65
Performance and interpretation of electronic music in concert 200 100
Oboe 175 90
“New Sounds”

Tabula rasa. The art of improvisation

Morphing music to media







For courses and seminars in Ensemble Music, application, attendance, and exam fees must be paid by each member of the ensemble.


 Partial attendance (for auditors only)


                 For all Courses except Orchestral Conducting

A week 70
Daily ticket 16


                 For the Orchestral Conducting Course

A week 145
Daily ticket 28


The Chigiana Academy will waive the attendance fees for one student in each course. Candidates enrolled as active students may compete for the fee-waiver by making a written request declaring whether or not they have an earned income, and including the request with their application form. These waivers will be granted after a merit classification and will consist of a refund of the tuition fee paid.

Each instructor will have the discretion to award the fee-waiver, either at the beginning of the course, on the basis of the results of the entrance examination, or at the end of the course, in consideration of the student’s merit.

Students who have already been awarded a scholarship from other institutions or who arrive late at the entrance examination will not be eligible for a waiver.

No fee-waivers are available for seminar attendance.



The following scholarships are granted by public institutions or private donors to distinguished students of the Accademia Chigiana masterclasses:

“Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena” Prize

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank is, in 2020 as in the the past, offering a prize of €1,500. This scholarship will be awarded to a quartet taking part in the String Quartet and Chamber Music for Piano and Strings course taught by Clive Greensmith. The aim of this prize is to help the winners to pursue their studies and to continue to refine their promising musical gifts. The Prize will be awarded based on the evaluation of a panel of judges, including a representative of the Bank, Maestro Nicola Sani (the Artistic Director of the Accademia Chigiana), and the instructor of the course.


Rotary Club Siena

Two scholarships of €1,500 each (before tax) will be awarded in 2020 to students in the  Flute course led by Patrick Gallois and in the Piano course taught by Lilya Zilberstein.

The scholarships will be awarded according to the merit ranking from the results of the entrance examinations, based on the evaluation of the instructor and the Artistic Director of the Accademia Chigiana.



Pie Disposizioni

Five scholarships of €400 each (before tax) will be awarded in 2020 to students taking part in the following courses: Voice (Matteuzzi), Composition (Sciarrino), Double Bass (Ettorre), Viola (Desjardins), Violin (Belkin).

Scholarships will be awarded according to a merit ranking from the results of the entrance examination, based on the evaluation of the instructor and the Artistic Director of the Accademia Chigiana, as well as on the appraisal of individual needs.


“Giovanna Maniezzo”

Thanks to a generous donation from Professor and Attorney Marcello  Clarich, a scholarship will be awarded in 2020, as in the past, to commemorate Giovanna Maniezzo, from the Accademia Chigiana Office of External Relations, who, in 2018, left us too early in life.

The scholarship of €1,500 (before tax) will be awarded to a student from the Accademia Chigiana’s Summer Courses showing exceptional aptitude and ability in nurturing his/her image, in promoting his/her life and artistic work, in engaging with the public, and in communicating with others.  The name of the student chosen to receive the scholarship will be announced by the Accademia Chigiana at the conclusion of the summer courses.


“Emma Contestabile”

Scholarships funded by Emma Contestabile’s bequest to the Accademia Chigiana to be allocated in order to launch students in their professional careers.


Other Scholarships

A scholarship for the attendance of Voice courses, funded by the Accademia Chigiana, is awarded to one of the winners of the “Francisco Viñas” International Singing Competition (on the Jury’s recommendation).

The amount of this scholarship consists of €35 gross per day, in addition to an exemption from the attendance fee.

N.B. Scholarships or any refund of attendance fees paid will be made at the end of the course attended, upon signature of the receipt form provided and submission of the tax code to the Student Office.



Each student is required to take out a health insurance policy or provide a consular statement of his/her right to medical assistance deriving from international agreements.
Non-European Union students may enter Italy upon presenting a passport and, if required, a visa granted by their country of origin. Once in Italy they must request a visitor’s permit with the same reason given in their visa. It is not necessary to request this permit for stays for reasons of business, tourism, visits or studies shorter than three months.

European Union citizens do not need a permit for their stay in Italy.

A limited number of pianos are available for student use – with precedence given to active students of the Courses for Piano or Chamber Music with Piano – both on the Academy premises and outside the Academy.
To rent pianos for personal use in the student’s own lodging in Siena, please apply to:  Checcacci Strumenti Musicali – via Cesare Battisti 10 – 53100 Siena – tel. +39. 0577 44521 / /


The following lodgings offer students of the Accademia Chigiana a 10% discount:
Affittacamere Xenia
Via Santa Caterina 10
Tel. 0577-286633

Antica Residenza Cicogna
via delle Terme 76
Tel. 0577-285613

Casa Vacanze Il Campo
via Salicotto, 73
Tel. 0577-226849



Students, upon presenting the Chigiana Student ID card as proof of their participation in the programme, have access to the following food servicers:

Mensa Universitaria / University Dining Halls

  • Mensa Sallustio Bandini – Via Bandini, 47 – Tel. 0577 226207
    open Monday to Friday from 12-noon to 2:30 PM (closed for dinner);
  • Mensa Sant’Agata – Via S. Agata, 1 – Tel. 0577 1651840
    open Monday to Friday from 7 PM to 9:15 PM
    (Saturday and Sunday, open for lunch and dinner)
Full meal €5.50


Ristorante Orto de’ Pecci
via Porta Giustizia, 39 – Tel. 0577 222201
Student refectory services: Tuesday to Friday (from 12.30 PM to 2:30 PM)
meals starting at €7.50 (Tuesday to Friday) / pizza starting from €6 (also on Saturday and Sunday)

Bar Osteria Il Bargello
via di Città, 55 – Tel. 0577 045649
open for lunch and dinner
meals ranging from €7 to €8


For information, please contact:
Università per Stranieri di Siena
Student Office
Piazza Carlo Rosselli 27/28, 53100 Siena
Tel. 0577 240100 / 111/ Fax 0577 281030
N.B. – Should there be any discrepancy between information given in Italian and in translation, the Italian is to be considered as definitive.